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Tripane and PDF Tutorial

Welcome to the Flare Tripane and PDF Tutorial. This tutorial focuses on the various features of the Tripane and PDF Advanced project template in Flare.

The Tripane and PDF Advanced project template in Flare contains several starter topics and other files. It has been designed to maximize single-sourcing capabilities, allowing you to produce both online and print-based output from the same files and content. Several features have been included that you might use in online output, others that you might use in print output, and still others that are useful in both. This template starts you out with an HTML5 target and a skin that has responsive output. This means the content display changes automatically depending on the width of the screen. The online output is displayed in a tripane format (navigation pane, toolbar pane, content pane). The template also includes multiple PDF targets for generating user guides with different content in different sizes; some with crop and registration marks set, some without. You can add other kinds of targets if you like.