Building Targets Using the Command Line

Use the following steps if you want to use your operating system's command line to build: (1) all targets in a single batch, (2) one specific target, or (3) a batch target that already exists in Flare. Using this method, you do not have to open Flare at all.

A batch is simply a way to perform many tasks with one action by grouping all of those tasks into a batch. There are a couple of ways that you can use batches for output in Flare.

  • BAT Files The following steps describe how to use the operating system's command line to build output. The best way to use the command line feature is to create a simple batch (.bat) file with the necessary commands in it so that you do not need to enter all of those commands manually each time. You can also use a scheduling tool (such as the Scheduled Tasks utility in Windows) to run the batch file automatically whenever you want. You can complete any of the following command line tasks with or without the use of a BAT file.
  • Batch Targets In the Flare interface, you can create a batch target, which lets you group all of your targets together, specifying which ones should be generated and/or published when that batch target is generated. There are two ways to run a batch target: