Creating Publishing Destinations

When you build output from your project, Flare produces the output files and places them in a folder with your project files. Publishing simply has to do with copying those output files and placing them in a location where others can access them, such as on a network, a website, Salesforce, or a SharePoint server. Of course, you can manually copy the output files from your project folder and paste them wherever you'd like, or you can use FTP software to transfer them to a remote server. Flare's publishing feature is simply a way to do this more quickly and easily.

There is a little bit of setup work to complete initially when it comes to publishing your output. But once you are finished with the setup, the ongoing act of publishing your output files can be done with the click of a button.

The first step to setting up your project for publishing output is to create a destination. You can create as many destinations in your project as necessary, depending on how many locations you need to send your output files.

A destination XML file has an .fldes extension and is stored in the Project Organizer under the Destinations folder.