Inserting Running Head Variables into Frames

If you want certain content to be inserted into a frame automatically (rather than typing the text manually), you can use a Running Head variable. For example, you might want to automatically include the first h1 heading of each chapter into the header for certain pages. By using a Running Head variable, you can use just one page layout for all of your chapters, rather than having to create a new page layout for each chapter.See About Running Head Variables, About Heading Variables, and Inserting Heading Variables Into Frames.

Heading variables are very similar to Running Head variables. The key appeal of Running Head variables is that they are supported in FrameMaker and help with the transition of authors from FrameMaker to Flare. So people who are familiar with FrameMaker might prefer to use Running Head variables because they are used to them. However, Heading variables are somewhat easier to use and therefore are recommended for people who do not have a FrameMaker background.