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About Frequent Segments

Analyzer lets you view lists of segments that occur frequently throughout your project. Why is this important? It's important because by viewing repeated information in your project, you can convert that text to reusable content (snippets or variables), thereby taking advantage of single-sourcing.

For each frequent segment shown, the following information is displayed.

  • Segment Displays the segment that occurs multiple times throughout your project.
  • Count Displays the number of times a particular segment occurs throughout your project.
  • Word Count Displays the number of words contained in a particular segment.
  • Character Count Displays the number of characters contained in a particular segment.

In addition, you can view a list of segments of text in your project that are similar, but not identical, to each other. You may want to modify similar segments so that they become identical to each other, or even convert them to snippets. You can also use the "Start Search" button to limit or expand the list of similar segments that are displayed. See Viewing Similar Segments.