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Additional Features

In addition to the primary features in Analyzer, the following are also available:

  • Auto Suggestion When you first start typing content, a popup may display below your text as you type. This is the Auto Suggestion feature, which analyzes text as you type and compares it to other content (e.g., phrases, variables, snippets) that already exists in the project. See About Auto Suggestion.
  • Backups You can manually create temporary backups of your files. In addition, Analyzer sometimes creates automatic backups of your files as you work on them. See About Backups.
  • Drag and Drop You can easily move content (e.g., text, images, etc.) around in topics. One method is drag-and-drop. Simply highlight the content that you want to move, click and hold down the mouse button to select it. Then drag the content the new location in the file.Analyzer lets you turn this feature on and off as necessary. See Enabling and Disabling Drag and Drop.
  • Exporting Analyzer Data to a CSV File You can export from most window panes in Analyzer to a comma-separated value (CSV) file. CSV files are typically used to transfer large amounts of spreadsheet or database information from one program to another. See Exporting Analyzer Data to a CSV File.
  • Find and Replace Analyzer has two widgets that can be used for find and replace—Quick Find and Quick Replace. When opened, these widgets are integrated into the editor when looking for text in a file that is open. These widgets contain the same fields. The only difference between them has to do with which fields are initially shown when the widget is first opened. The Quick Find widget initially displays only the Find fields. The Quick Replace widget initially shows both the Find and the Replace fields. The Find and Replace in Files window pane lets you perform more advanced searches than the integrated Find and Replace widgets. You should use this window pane if you need to search for text in more than one file. See About Find and Replace.
  • Printing You can use Analyzer to print a chart and its associated data. See Printing Charts.
  • Shortcuts Analyzer lets you work more quickly and efficiently by making use of keyboard shortcuts. In addition to the standard shortcuts, you can configure keyboard shortcuts and use ALT key shortcuts. See Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Spell Check You can use various spell checking features, based on your built-in and custom dictionaries. You can spell check while typing or manually, and you can add words to the ignore spell check list. See About Spell Check.