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Viewing Absolute Links

You can view a list of files in your Flare project containing absolute links to other files. An absolute link contains the full path to the target file. For example, let's say you have a text hyperlink that points to a file in your project like this: file://C:\MyProject\Content\MyFile.htm. (You can view this link format in the file's true code, which can be seen by using the Internal Text Editor in the source Flare project.) Because users do not have access to your local C: drive, they will not be able to use the link successfully in the output. Instead, the link should be relative to the file in your project, with dots and slashes that represent each folder level away from the current file (e.g., ..\..\MyFile.htm). You do not need to create this path manually; instead, it is automatically created when you properly insert a link by using the interface. The Absolute Links window pane allows you to find absolute links so that you turn them into relative links (by re-inserting the link). You can double-click a row to open the file in the Analyzer interface. You can also select the row and click File>Send to Flare to open the file in the Flare project. The link is highlighted so that you can easily fix it.