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Viewing Writing Suggestions

You can view places in your project where you can make writing improvements based on industry-wide standards. For example, Analyzer can locate files where an h1 or h2 heading has only one subheading (i.e., an h1 heading with only one h2 heading under it, or an h2 heading with only one h3 heading under it). It is recommended that you have more than one subheading under a parent heading. Therefore, occurrences such as these are raised as concerns. Analyzer can also locate files where a heading level has been skipped (e.g., an h1 heading is followed by an h3 heading, rather than h2), as well as any files where consecutive headings exist (e.g., an h1 heading is followed by an h2 heading, with no other content between them). You can use the Writing Suggestions Search Properties dialog to customize which types of suggestions to display in the window pane.