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Using the Magic Wand

The magic wand allows you to select an area based on its color. Using the magic wand, you can quickly select large areas of the image. Then you can recolor, copy, cut, move, or delete them. When used with Capture's drawing tools, you can use the magic wand to make substantial changes to your images.

  1. Open the image you want to modify.
  2. Do one of the following, depending on the part of the user interface you are using:

    • Ribbon Select the Edit ribbon. In the Select section, select .

    • ClosedSwitching between ribbons and the tool strip… You can use the Options dialog to switch between ribbons and the classic tool strip layout. See Switching Between Ribbons and the Tool Strip

      ClosedMore about ribbon options… Keep in mind that the smaller the application window becomes, the more the options in a ribbon shrink. Therefore, you might only see a small icon instead of text, or you might see only a section name displayed with a down arrow to access the options in it. You can hover over small icons to see tooltips that describe them. You can also enlarge the application window or click one of the section drop-downs in the ribbon to locate a hidden feature.

    • Tool Strip Select Edit>Magic Wand.

    • Local Toolbar Select .

      The cursor will change to a wand.

  3. In the local toolbar, select a numeral from the Fill Tolerance drop-down to adjust the tool's tolerance.

    Note: The tolerance value determines the magic wand's sensitivity to slight variations in color when determining the area to select. Use a low tolerance if you want to select very specific areas of the image. Use a high tolerance if you want to select an area where there are very slight differences in a color, or if you want to intentionally select large sections of an image.

  4. Click on the part of the canvas you want to select. The magic wand adds a semi-transparent overlay onto the surface of the selection.

    Note: After making the first selection using the magic wand, you can continue to add selections by holding down the SHIFT key while clicking in new areas. All areas that are part of the selection will display a semi-transparent overlay on top of the existing image.

  5. At this point, you can do a number of things, including the following: