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About Characters and Symbols

You can work with characters and symbols in Contributor in the following ways:

  • Inserting You can insert special characters or symbols into content. This can be done by using the Character dialog, by inserting a quick character that you have specified, by selecting a favorite character, or by selecting a recent character. See Inserting Characters and Symbols.
  • Quick Characters If there is a particular character or symbol (e.g., a non-breaking space, a copyright symbol, an ellipsis, a monetary symbol) that you use quite frequently, you can associate it with the Insert Quick Character option. Then, whenever you select this option, that specific character or symbol will be inserted. See Specifying Quick Characters.
  • Font Types In the Character dialog, you can select different font types when inserting a character. If you insert a character with "(normal text)" selected in the Font field, that character will use the same font properties of the content where it is being inserted. But if you select a specific font in the Font field, the character will instead use those properties at the point of insertion, which will result in a <span> tag being created. See Character Dialog Font Types.
  • Smart Quotes By default, Contributor adds straight quotation marks ("). However, you can select an option to automatically use single and double curly smart quotes (") instead when you work in the editor. This option is disabled by default. See Using Smart Quotes.