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Primary Window Panes

Contributor has numerous window panes in the interface that are used for a variety of purposes. The pane that you are likely to use most is the Review Packages Window Pane.Some of these panes are located by default on the left side of the workspace, some on the right side, some in the middle, and some at the bottom. Some elements are contained in window panes as opposed to dialog windows because they contain features that you would want to have easy access to as you work in an editor. If more than one window pane is open on either side, the panes are organized in an accordion or tab structure. This means that they are stacked on top of each other, with the active window pane displayed "in front" of the other panes. You can click any accordion bar or tab to bring that particular window pane "in front" so that you can work in it.

Following are the window panes that are probably most commonly used in Contributor: