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Editor Tools

Contributor provides many tools to assist you when you are working in its editors. These include the following:

  • Characters and Symbols You can insert characters and symbols in content files. You can also create quick characters, as well as work with font types and smart quotes. See About Characters and Symbols.
  • Drag and Drop You can easily move content (e.g., text, images, etc.) around in topics. One method is drag-and-drop. Simply highlight the content that you want to move, click and hold down the mouse button to select it. Then drag the content the new location in the file. You can turn this feature on and off as necessary. See Enabling and Disabling Drag and Drop.
  • Find and Replace Contributor provides multiple features for finding and replacing content in your project. See About Find and Replace.
  • Layout Modes You can view topics and review files in print or web layout mode. See About Layout Modes.
  • Macros You can use macros in Contributor to automate frequently used commands or processes. After you record a macro, you can play it back to perform all of the steps in the macro with a single action. You can also assign a shortcut to the macro (see Changing Hot Keys), add it to the Quick Access Toolbar (see Quick Access Toolbar), or access it from the Quick Launch bar (see Quick Launch Bar). Macros save you time by streamlining the repetitive tasks you do every day, freeing you up for other tasks. See About Macros.
  • Shortcuts Contributor lets you work more quickly and efficiently by making use of keyboard shortcuts in a variety of ways. See About Shortcuts.
  • Spell Check You can use spell checking features, based on your built-in and custom dictionaries. See About Spell Check.
  • Structure Bars The XML Editor provides structure bars above and to the left of the content area in order to provide a visual display of the topic and document tags and structure. These bars provide you with information about your content without having to view all of the tags mixed within the text. There are two types of structure bars: tag bars and span bars. See About Structure Bars.
  • Zoom/Scale The bottom part of the XML Editor includes a toolbar that lets you use zoom/scale features to better see your content. The features that are available depend on whether you are working in Web Layout mode or Print Layout mode. See Using the Zoom/Scale Feature.