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Managing Your Files

The following features are available to help you better manage your projects, especially if you have a team of content developers:

  • External Resources The External Resources window pane lets you select and maintain groups of external files that you want to share among Contributor projects. The paths of these files are written to the registry so they will be available for all your Contributor projects. See About External Resources.
  • File Tagging You can assign "tags" to files that you are reviewing in Contributor. You can use file tags for many different purposes, such as assigning authors or milestones to topics. See About File Tagging.
  • SharePoint Contributor supports integration with Microsoft SharePoint. If your company uses Microsoft SharePoint (software that allows organizations to collaborate, share files, and publish information to the Web), you can connect to a SharePoint server. Doing this makes it easy to access and edit the SharePoint files fromContributor. See About SharePoint Integration.