About Context-sensitive Help

It is possible to map specific Help topics to your software application based on the user's location in the interface. This Help is most commonly accessed using a dialog Help button or icon, or by pressing the F1 button to open a Help window.

Topics are mapped to the software application using context IDs, which can be specified by the author or the software developer. If the context IDs will be supplied by the author, Doc-To-Help can be set (if desired) to automatically generate context IDs and assign them to specified topic types or paragraph styles. If the context IDs will be supplied by the software developer, the author can easily map them to topics in HTML Help or NetHelp targets.

If your context IDs were assigned in Doc-To-Help, the appropriate context ID file type for your software application will be automatically generated and stored in your project. You can also export the IDs to Microsoft Excel or a text (TXT) file. See Printing and Exporting the Topic List.