Managing Your Project

There are several features in Doc-To-Help that can help you better manage your projects, especially if you have a team of content developers. This includes setting up modular projects, providing various project settings, viewing reports, implementing team authoring, and more.

Here are the primary ways to manage your project:

  • Migrating Projects Many of us collaborate on Doc-To-Help projects using Team Authoring, TFS, or SharePoint, but sometimes we simply need to transfer a project to a coworker or a client. This is done by sending the entire project folder, but here are a few tips to make the transition easier. See Migrating a Project.
  • Modular Projects A modular project is necessary when you have a collection of several different output files (and would like to keep them that way) but would like them to appear to the end user as a single output system. See About Modular Projects.
  • Project Properties and Settings You can provide your project with various settings. See About Project Properties and Settings.
  • Reports Doc-To-Help has several reports that will help you organize your work and keep track of topics and index elements. These reports can be viewed, saved, and printed for maximum flexibility. See Reports.
  • SharePoint Doc-To-Help’s integration with Microsoft SharePoint makes it easy to collaborate with your team, as well as across your company. See About SharePoint Integration.
  • Team Authoring Team authoring is a source control feature that makes it possible for multiple authors to work together on a single project. See About Team Authoring.