Moving from FrameMaker to Flare

Moving from Adobe FrameMaker to Flare is easy, although to get the best results you need to do some planning before you start. The following topics provide suggestions for a better experience.

  • About Flare and FrameMaker Consider the fundamental differences between Flare and FrameMaker. Then analyze your FrameMaker files in order to make the import process as clean as possible. See About Flare and FrameMaker.
  • Before You Import Take time to prepare your FrameMaker files before you import them into Flare. See Before You Import.
  • As You Import Use these tips as you work through the import process to make sure the experience is a smooth one. See As You Import.
  • Import Process Follow these steps to import your FrameMaker files. See Importing FrameMaker Files.
  • After You Import Once you're finished importing, there are some additional tasks you'll need to perform. See After You Import.