Merging Server-based HTML5 Output at Runtime

This is an easy way to merge the output from multiple HTML5 server-based Flare targets into one Help system. These targets can be originated from the same Flare project or from different Flare projects. You simply place the output files in the correct location on the server (i.e., within your master project's AutoMerge folder). Flare then automatically merges the output from all of the targets when users access the Help. From the end user's perspective, the results are seamless, appearing as one large Help system. All of the TOCs, browse sequences, indexes, glossaries, and search capabilities for the projects are merged.

For a complete scenario that illustrates these and other HTML5 server-based output steps in a real-life situation, see HTML5 Server-based Output Scenario.

The following information is necessary only for server-based output. If you do not require server-based HTML5 output, see Merging Flare Projects Using Targets instead.