About Positioning Elements

For most output types, you can adjust the positioning of content in the following ways:

  • Absolute Positioning You can use absolute positioning, which frees content from the main text so you can click and drag it anywhere in the topic to reposition it. See Using Absolute Positioning on Elements.
  • Floats Another way to position an object is to "float" it to the left or right on a page. When you float an object to the left, wraparound text can flow on the right side of the object. When you float an object to the right, wraparound text can flow on the left side of the object. You can also float objects outside of the frames where the normal text flow occurs. See Using Floats for Positioning Elements.

You can turn the positioning of elements on and off in the XML Editor. If it is on, you can easily position the object (e.g., image, text box) in different places in the topic. If it is off, the exact placement will not be seen in the editor, although it will be seen in the output. See Enabling Object Positioning for Floats.