Committing and Synchronizing (Pull, Push) in a Single-bound Model

If you are working in a single-bound model (see Single-bound Projects), you author content in Flare. When you want to transfer your changes to Central, there are a couple of things you must do:

  • Commit To commit a changed file is to record it to the repository. Essentially you are saying, “I’m ready to transfer this content up to the cloned project on Central.” Committing files gives you the opportunity to organize them into different groups when you add them to Central. You can also add a unique comment to each commit.

  • Synchronize To synchronize means to pull any changes in the cloned Central project to your local Flare project. These are changes that other writers have uploaded to Central from their local projects. Then you push the committed files from your local project up to the project on Central, where other writers can retrieve them.