Creating Template Folders

The first step in using custom templates is to create a template folder, simply by selecting a folder that already exists. The template folder is simply the place where you will store your template files. You can have as many template folders as you need in order to hold all of your template files.

In addition to selecting a folder on your local drive, you can also select a folder on a network, even on a SharePoint server (if you have previously connected to one—see Connecting to a SharePoint Server). When you save a file (e.g., topic, page layout) as a new template and select a template folder, the appropriate template subfolder is added to that folder (e.g., topic templates are stored in a subfolder called "Content"; page layout templates are stored in a subfolder called "PageLayouts"). As a result, those files become accessible as templates when you create new features in Flare. Selecting a folder on a network is a great way to share template files with other Flare users. See About Templates.