Adding Mark of the Web

According to Microsoft:

"The Mark of the Web (MOTW) is a feature of Windows Internet Explorer that enhances security. MOTW enables Internet Explorer to force webpages to run in the security zone of the location the page was saved from—as long as that security zone is more restrictive than the Local Machine zone—instead of the Local Machine zone. When you are developing webpages, the MOTW enables you to test your HTML documents in the security zone where you intend the pages to run. Adding the MOTW to your webpages also enables you to fully test their compatibility with users' security settings."

So MOTW is a comment added to the HTML markup for a web page. When users open a web page from their local machine, Internet Explorer references this comment to determine the security zone in which it should run the page.

Therefore, if you do not have MOTW enabled in Flare, the following message displays when HTML5, WebHelp, or WebHelp Plus output is opened locally on Internet Explorer.

If you do have MOTW enabled in Flare, this security message is not displayed.

Without MOTW, you would have to click on this message and select Allow Blocked Content to view the output locally on Internet Explorer. By adding MOTW, you can avoid this situation.

However, please note that if you have external links in your project to non-HTML files (e.g., DOC, PDF, JPG, GIF), those links will not work with MOTW enabled. Therefore, MOTW should not be used unless the links in your project are limited to HTML documents only.