External Project Architecture

External project architecture has to do with your projects as entities, as well as the processes, tools, and other factors surrounding them. Following are some of the main considerations with external project architecture:

  • Flare Project Structures This has to do with the number of Flare projects that you create and how they relate to one another. See Flare Project Structures.
  • Where to Store Projects This has to do with the location where you store Flare projects, whether it is local or on a network. See Where to Store Projects.
  • Source Control This has to do with whether you use a source control system for your projects, and the various choices you have. See Source Control.
  • Templates This has to do with the use of templates for Flare projects, such as creating structured content that you can leverage when adding new topics. See Templates.
  • Task Management This has to do with the tools and systems that you might use to keep track of tasks related to your projects. See Task Management.
  • Importing External Files This has to do with any files outside of a Flare project that you might need to add to your projects, and the different ways you can do it. See Importing External Files.
  • Global Dictionaries This has to do with the fact that you can keep dictionary files stored on a network, as opposed to locally, making the same dictionary accessible to everyone on your documentation team. See Global Dictionaries.
  • Images and Videos This has to do with images and videos that you might integrate into Flare projects, and the choices you have to accomplish this. See Images and Videos.
  • Analysis, Reporting, and Feedback This has to do with the various ways you might perform analysis and reporting on your Flare projects, as well as obtaining feedback from end users. See Analysis, Reporting, and Feedback.
  • Topic Reviews This has to do with sending topics to other authors and subject matter experts (SMEs) for review. See Topic Reviews.
  • Publishing This has to do with the many options you have for publishing Flare output. See Publishing Output.