Internal Project Architecture

Internal project architecture has to do with the structure of files and use of features within a Flare project. Whatever approach and features you adopt, remember that consistency is important. Establishing consistent rules and guidelines will result in a cleaner project. It also makes it easier to locate files, which is especially important for teams of writers.

Following are some of the main considerations with internal project architecture.

  • Naming Conventions This has to do with the various methods you can use when it comes to naming files and folders in your Flare projects. See Naming Conventions.
  • Folders This has to do with organizing files into folders and subfolders in projects. See Folders.
  • Types of Topics This has to do with deciding which kinds of topics you need to produce. See Types of Topics.
  • Snippets and Conditions This has to do with the way you handle snippets and conditions in projects, specifically which has more focus in your topics. See Snippets and Conditions.
  • Variables This has to do with the organization and use of variables in projects. See Variables.
  • Stylesheets This has to do with the different ways you can handle stylesheets. See Stylesheets.
  • Tables of Contents This has to do with the number of tables of contents (TOCs) that you might need and various ways to configure them. See Tables of Contents.