About Eclipse Help Output

The Eclipse Help output type is designed specifically for content developers who want to use Flare to author an Eclipse Help plug-in. A plug-in lets you extend the existing Help contents that come with the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It requires an additional installation of the latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and Java version. This output type is particularly useful when you want to create dynamic, searchable content that integrates into your Eclipse environment as a platform plug-in. Once the components are in place, you must also set up the Eclipse Help options in the Target Editor in Flare. See Creating an Eclipse Help Plug-In and Specifying Eclipse Options.

The Eclipse Help output lets you generate Eclipse Help plug-ins using your Flare content as its source material. It displays your output content in the Eclipse Help Viewer.

The Eclipse Help Viewer uses an embedded Jetty server to provide your users with navigation features similar to other online viewers. Jetty is a Java-based web server implementation that tightly integrates with Eclipse and other open source projects.

The viewer's features and user interface must be customized in Eclipse. To learn about your customization options, visit help.eclipse.org.