Using Absolute Positioning on Elements

You can use absolute positioning for elements in a topic for PDF output, as well as for online outputs. When you position an element absolutely, it is removed from the normal flow of text and positioned relative to its first parent that is not static; if it does not have a non-static parent, it is positioned relative to the <html> tag in the document. In other words, when an element has an absolute setting in Flare, it is freed from the main text so you can click and drag it anywhere in the topic to reposition it. Absolute positioning can be accomplished via styles or locally by selecting text wrap options in a context (right-click) menu of the XML Editor.

You can set absolute positioning on just about any kind of element, including images, div tags, paragraphs, lists, QR codes, and more. When doing this, you can also specify the element's location and resize it. In addition, you can determine if text should flow around it, and how.