About the Review Package Process

The review package process lets you send Flare files for review, as well as receive file contributions from, SMEs and other Flare authors. Non-Flare users can download a separate application called MadCap Contributor when collaborating with you and your Flare project. You can also use the same features to send files for review to other Flare authors using Flare only.

The following information has to do with this integration between Contributor and Flare. However, as an alternative, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Central Reviews (Recommended) The Central review process lets you send Flare topics and snippets to be reviewed by subject matter experts (SMEs) or other Flare authors on MadCap Central. After making edits and adding annotations (comments) to the files in a lightweight editor on Central, the reviewers submit the finished files, sending them back to your inbox in Flare. You can then accept or reject their changes and accept the file, replacing the original source file. Because this system uses the cloud, SMEs do not need to download any software to review your files. Also, multiple reviewers can edit the same file at the same time. See About the Central Review Process.
  • PDF or Word You can generate output for the relevant files in PDF or Word format, then send that output to your reviewers. After the reviewers return the document, you can manually incoporate the feedback into the source file(s). If you have tracked changes in Flare, you can preserve the changes so they are visible when you generate PDF or Word output. This is enabled on the Advanced tab of PDF and Word targets. See Preserving Tracked Changes in PDF or Word Output.