About Scripts

If you are experienced with using JavaScript, VBScript, or JScript, you can insert such scripts into your topics. If you can create a script that can be used in a website, you can create it in Flare as well.

  • JavaScript This is a scripting language that lets authors design interactive sites. It shares many of the features and structures of the full Java language, but was developed independently. JavaScript can interact with HTML source code, enabling authors to include dynamic content in their sites.
  • JScript This is Microsoft's extended implementation of ECMAScript (ECMA262), an international standard based on Netscape's JavaScript and Microsoft's JScript languages. JScript is implemented as a Windows Script engine. This means that it can be "plugged in" to any application that supports Windows Script, such as Internet Explorer, Active Server Pages, and Windows Script Host. It also means that any application supporting Windows Script can use multiple languages—JScript, VBScript, Perl, and others. JScript (and the other languages) can be used for both simple tasks (such as mouseovers on web pages) and for more complex tasks (such as updating a database with ASP or running logon scripts for Windows NT). Windows Script relies on external "object models" to carry out much of its work. For example, Internet Explorer's DOM provides objects such as "document" and methods such as "write()" to enable the scripting of web pages.
  • VBScript  This is a scripting language based on MS Visual Basic and, like JavaScript, is embedded in a web page. The interpretation and execution of scripts is controlled by the web client. Much like JavaScript, functions are most often executed by mouse functions, navigation buttons, Active X controls or by actions initiated by the user or by automated scripting such as retrieving user computer information.