About SharePoint Integration

Flare supports integration with Microsoft SharePoint (software that allows organizations to collaborate, share files, and publish information to the Web). After connecting to a SharePoint server, you can access and edit the SharePoint files from Flare. You can even copy SharePoint files to your project with mappings that let you keep them synchronized with the source files. In addition, you can publish Flare output to a SharePoint server. Finally, you can use the SharePoint server to store any kind of template files supported in Flare so that they can be used by any Flare users in your company.

SharePoint is like a scaled-down version of a source control tool, with the ability to check out and check in files. Many organizations use a source control tool to manage files that are part of products and will be shipped to customers, while using SharePoint mostly for internal files to be shared among colleagues. For more information see www.sharepoint.microsoft.com.