About Snippets

A snippet is a chunk of formatted content that is heavily used in single-sourcing. Snippets can include text, tables, images, and whatever else can be included in a normal topic. You can insert snippets into one or more topics throughout your project, thus allowing you to reuse content that is maintained in one place. You can even insert them into other snippets, creating nested snippets. Snippets are not usually intended for single words or very short phrases. In those cases, you probably want to use variables instead. 

The major benefit of using snippets is that you only have to create your content once, rather than having to type the same information in each topic where you want to use it. If you need to modify the content of a snippet, you only need to change it in one place and the change is made automatically in every topic where the snippet has been inserted.

Snippets are contained in their own files (using an .flsnp file extension). You can therefore share them with other authors or use them in other projects. If you insert a snippet that is stored outside of your project, the file is copied to your project. The traditional location to store a snippet in the Content Explorer is in the Resources\Snippets folder. However, you can store it anywhere in the Content Explorer that you like.