Troubleshooting Image Issues

Following are issues that may occur with images in Flare.

Images are larger than in previous versions


Starting with Flare 10, images with a very low DPI are rendered more accurately in the XML Editor (WYSIWYG) and PDF output, usually resulting in slightly larger and more blurry images (as is consistent with their lower DPI). Therefore, if you upgrade from an older version to Flare 10 or higher, you might notice images that looked a certain size before now look larger and more blurry (because their true DPI is being rendered more precisely). 


The best solution, and a long-term one, is to replace your lower-DPI images with higher-DPI images to be used in print output. But you also have the option to revert back to previous version behavior. You can do this by deselecting the check box labeled "Automatically resize low DPI images" in the General tab of the Options dialog (File > Options). See Matching the Image Resizing Behavior of Previous Versions.