Troubleshooting Proxy Issues

Following are issues that may occur when working with different types of proxies in Flare.

Breadcrumbs proxy displays the incorrect pathway

If a single topic has more than one entry in a particular TOC, the breadcrumbs path displays either (1) the Content Explorer folder location of the topic or (2) the breadcrumb for the last entry of the topic in the TOC, rather than the breadcrumbs for the separate locations of the topic in the TOC.


When the output is generated with Flare, the breadcrumb trail is written into the topic file (it is not dynamic) so it can't change depending on which TOC entry you click on.


Here is the workaround for this problem.

  1. Create the necessary number of empty topics and place them in the desired positions within the Content Explorer. Make sure they all have the same name. See Creating Topics.
  2. Create a snippet out of the topic content that you require. See Creating New Snippets from Existing Content.
  3. Insert the snippet into each of the topics. See Inserting Snippets.
  4. Mark all but one of the topics as un-searchable, so that users do not retrieve multiple instances of the same topic when performing searches. To make topics un-searchable, perform the following steps.

For more information on this process see Including or Excluding Topics in Search.