Troubleshooting Style Issues

Following are issues that may occur when working with styles in Flare.

Deleted style classes do not go away


This problem can occur if you have not deleted the style from all mediums in the stylesheet.


Delete the style from all mediums in the stylesheet.

  1. Open the stylesheet.
  2. In the Stylesheet Editor, use the button to select a medium.
  3. Select the style in the Styles field and press Delete on the keyboard.

  4. Repeat Step 3 for all available mediums.


Imported styles do not appear in Stylesheet Editor


If you select a medium in the Import Styles dialog, the preview window displays all the styles in the stylesheet you have selected even if the style does not exist in the medium you have selected. If you select a style in this case, the style will not be imported because it does not exist for that medium. This is an issue in Flare that will be addressed in a future version.


Do one of the following.

For more information, see About Mediums and Media Queries and Importing Styles.

"a" link pseudo classes do not function properly when output is generated

Link styles (e.g., those based on <a> tags) do not appear correctly or function properly.

Cause and Solultion

These problems can be related to the use and function of link style pseudo classes (a special group of style classes that pertain to elements when they're in a certain state) and may have one of the following causes.