Associating Conditions to a File While Editing

When editing a document or micro content response, you can click on the left side of the local toolbar to open the Conditional Text dialog and set condition expressions on that file or response (i.e., include, exclude, or display by media query). This is similar to the feature that you can use to preview a document with certain conditions set (see Previewing Topics). The difference is that this associates the conditions to the document or response as you edit it. This is not the same as applying conditions to actual content (see Applying Conditions to Content). Nor does this feature affect the output, as do the settings in the Target Editor (see Associating Conditions With Targets). Rather, this functions more like a preview feature. It simply lets you temporarily remove from view content that is associated with certain condition tags so that you can see how the file or response looks without that content.

Usually when editing, you want to see the file or response as it is intended for a particular target. Therefore, although you can manually select conditions to include or exclude from view, the best approach is usually to click the Target Expressions drop-down and choose a target. The condition settings from that target are then replicated in this dialog, thus saving you time and effort.

Note If you associate conditions with a file while editing and then open the Send Files For Review Wizard, those settings are preserved. Therefore, you can quickly send the file to a reviewer and that person will initially only see content with conditions that you have included. See Sending Files for Review in Contributor or Flare.

Note As an alternative to the condition preview button, you can click the topic preview button to see how the topic will look with different condition and target settings. See Previewing Topics.