Viewing Used Conditions

You can view a list of all condition tags that have been applied in files throughout your project. The list shows not only the condition tags, but each file where they have been used. You can also quickly rename or remove multiple condition tag occurrences in a single batch.

For more information about condition tags and how they are used in projects, see Conditions.

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How to View Used Conditions

  1. Open a project.
  2. Select Analysis > Used Items > Used Condition Tags.

    The Used Condition Tags window pane opens, listing all of the condition tags used throughout the project.

  3. To see more of the information in the window pane, drag the divider bar to make the pane wider.
    • Condition Tag Displays the name of the condition tag set and the tag within it. The condition tag set is listed first, followed by a period and then the name of the condition tag (e.g., Primary.Print).
    • File Displays the name of the file.
    • Title Displays the properties title of the file (if any).
    • Folder Displays the folder where the file is found.
    • Tag Displays the tag being used by the condition tagvariable.
    • Exclude Action Displays the kind of "exclude" action tied to the condition tag. In most cases, the exclude action is "remove." However, in some instances, this action might be "unbind." For example, you might have the unbind action for a condition tag if you have applied the tag to a hyperlink and want the link to be removed from the text in some outputs, but you still want the text to be shown in those outputs.
  4. If a certain number of items have been found, page navigation buttons in the local toolbar may be enabled. You can use these buttons to go to additional pages to display more items.

  5. You can open any file in the list to view or modify it. You can either double-click on the specific row, or right-click on the row and select Open.

How to Rename Conditions

  1. In the window pane, select all of the condition tags that you want to rename. If you want to select all rows click . You can hold the SHIFT key to select a range, or you can hold the CTRL key to select individual items.

    Note All condition tags that you select will be renamed to the same condition tag that you provide in the following steps.

  2. In the local toolbar, click the Rename button. The Rename Condition tag(s) dialog opens.
  3. In the New condition tag name field, enter a new name.
  4. Click OK.
  5. A message lets you know how many files were changed. Click OK. All of the selected condition tags are renamed.

    Note If you want to undo the conversions, you can use the Backups window pane (View > Backups). See Restoring Backup Files.