Conditions and File Reviews

If you are using MadCap Contributor for topic reviews, you can include or exclude content in those files based on condition tags. See Sending Files for Review in Contributor or Flare.

After choosing the files in the wizard and selecting Send a review package file, you can click toward the bottom of the page. The Conditional Text dialog opens.

You can include or exclude conditions in a couple of different ways, or even use both:

  • Target Settings The easiest method is to click the Target Expressions drop-down and select a target in your project. The dialog is automatically populated based on the included and excluded conditions in that target.
  • Manual You can also complete this dialog manually, using the same steps that are used in the target for including and excluding certain condition tags. For more information about the Basic and Advanced modes, see Creating Basic and Advanced Tag Expressions.

Example You have a topic that looks like this, with four different conditions applied to content:

In the Conditional Text dialog accessed from the Send Files For Review Wizard, you select Target Expressions and choose User-Guide-A.

When the reviewer opens the file, this is what is shown:

Note If you have already associated conditions with a file while editing in the XML Editor (see Associating Conditions to a File While Editing), those settings are preserved when you open the Send Files For Review Wizard.