Conditions With Mimic and Capture

If you are also using MadCap Mimic or Capture (or both), you can use condition tags that exist in your Flare project. This is similar to the variable integration that exists with these products.

Example You have created two condition tags in a Flare project in order to send parts of your content to different outputs—one condition tag called "Beginner" and the other called "Advanced."

Now suppose you insert an image into that Flare project and then open the image in Capture in order to edit it. Because you inserted the image into the project, a connection already exists between the Flare project and the image while you work on it in Capture.

This means that if you attempt to apply condition tags to the image while it is in Capture, you will have access to the "Beginner" and "Advanced" condition tags that you created in the Flare project.

For more information see the online Help provided with Mimic and Capture.