Editing the Look of Footnote Numbers

You can change the look of the footnote numbers (both in-text and in-comment), by creating and modifying span style classes. Alternatively, you can use the MadCap|footnote style or a class of it to modify the look of both the in-text and in-comment footnote numbers. The difference is that the span style lets you change the look of one or the other, rather than both at the same time.

First you need to create the span class and provide your settings (e.g., font color, size, and so on). After inserting a footnote, you can open its properties and select the span class to change the look.

How to Create and Edit a Span Class for Footnote Numbers

  1. From the Content Explorer, open the stylesheet that you want to modify.
  2. In the upper-left of the editor, make sure the drop-down field is set to .
  3. On the left side of the editor, find and select the span tag.
  4. In the local toolbar, click . The New Selector dialog opens.
  5. In the Class Name field, type a name for the new style class, without using any spaces (e.g., MyInTextFootnoteNumber).
  6. Click OK. The new style class is added under the tag you selected.
  7. Edit the properties for the span class. The most common settings to change are those for the font. See Editing Styles in a Regular Stylesheet.
  8. Click to save your work.
  9. Complete the following steps for selecting the span class for the footnote.

How to Select a Span Class for a Footnote

  1. Open the content file.
  2. Make sure markers are turned on. (Click the down arrow next to the Show tags button in the XML Editor. Then select Show Markers.)
  3. Right-click on the footnote marker icon where it is inserted in the topic, and from the menu select Footnote Properties. The Footnote Properties dialog opens.
  4. Select the Footnote tab.
  5. From one of the Style fields, select the appropriate span class. If you select a span class in the first Style field, it will affect the look of the footnote number that appears in the topic content. If you select a span class in the second Style field, it will affect the look of the footnote number that appears before the footnote comment wherever you have positioned it (e.g., end of page, end of chapter).

    Note The span class can also be set on a style in the Advanced view of the Stylesheet Editor using the mc-footnote-styleand mc-footnote-comment-style properties. The mc-footnote-style property will select the span class for footnotes and the mc-footnote-comment-style will select the span class for footnote comments. See Styles and Stylesheets, Editing Styles in a Regular Stylesheet, and Stylesheet Editor.

  6. In the Properties dialog, click OK.
  7. Click to save your work.

What’s Noteworthy?

Note This task lets you change the footnote number only (either the number in the topic text or the number in the footnote comment). If instead you want to change the look of both numbers, as well as the comment text, see Editing Footnote Comment Font Settings.