What's New?

Flare What's New

Flare 2020 release notes can be found here.

Following are the new features available in Flare 2020.

Private Outputs on MadCap Central

  • Produce private output requiring users to log in
  • Design account link in a skin
  • Set outputs as "private" in Central

Micro Content Enhancements

  • Associate context-sensitive Help with micro content phrases
  • Apply conditions to micro content phrases
  • Use micro content conditions (similar to snippet conditions)
  • Edit properties for micro content phrases

Code Snippets

  • Create and insert code in dozens of languages
  • Syntax highlighting occurs automatically
  • Users can quickly copy code in HTML5 output

Collapsing and Expanding Tags in the XML Editor

  • Use arrows, context menu, or shortcuts to expand and collapse blocks of content
  • Makes it easier to view and find content in long topics
  • Enable or disable expand/collapse arrows

ServiceNow® Publishing

  • Publish Flare topics to ServiceNow® knowledge bases
  • Select a custom installation component
  • Set up a ServiceNow® destination file

Find and Replace Enhancements

  • Find text and elements from same window pane
  • Easier interface for finding and replacing tags, classes, style IDs, inline formatting, and attributes

Upgrade to .NET Core 3.1 for Elasticsearch

Previously, publishing Elasticsearch-enabled output required .NET Core 1.1.6 installed on your server. Now .NET Core 3.1.1 is required. If you have remote Elasticsearch configured from past versions of Flare, we recommend you upgrade it to the new version, as well as republish older outputs if possible. See Upgrading Elasticsearch on a Remote Server.

Upcoming Deprecated Features

  • List of features that will be deprecated
  • Recommended replacements for deprecated features