What's New?

Flare What's New

Flare 2021 release notes can be found here.

Following are the new features available in Flare 2021.

Markdown Import

  • Import files written in markdown (.md) format
  • Full support for CommonMark
  • Map styles
  • Advanced options

Layout Resizer

  • New layout resizer slider bar to responsively adjust content
  • Resize view of the XML Editor to see content with different screen sizes
  • Create new media queries based on position of the layout resizer

PDF/UA Accessibility Enhancements

  • Support for Universal Accessibility (UA)
  • Use accessibility checkers to verify compliance

Start Page Redesign

  • New banners display expiration dates for different license types
  • Links to take action on expiring license
  • Options on left allow for more space to work

Images From Central Reviews

  • Reviewers in MadCap Central can now insert images
  • New images in reviews are added to Flare project (Resources > Images)

FrameMaker 2020 Support

  • Import documents from FrameMaker 2020

Table Style Editor Vertical Structure

  • Previously, horizontal separator between settings and preview
  • Settings now shown on left
  • Preview now shown on right

Upcoming Deprecated Features

  • List of features that will be deprecated
  • Recommended replacements for deprecated features