What's New?

Flare What's New

Flare 2021 r2 release notes can be found here.

Following are the new features available in Flare 2021 r2.

Learning and Development

  • Interactive question sections

  • Robust customization of eLearning features

  • Quick start with eLearning project templates

  • eLearning content reuse

  • Complete design customization

  • Modern online and PDF outputs

  • LMS packages with SCORM or xAPI


  • Embed special content using an Inline Frame (IFrame) element
  • Dynamically displays external content in output

"Master" Replaced With Other Terms

New terms:

  • Main favicon
  • Parent project
  • Primary browse sequence
  • Primary page layout
  • Primary stylesheet
  • Primary TOC
  • Template page

Passing Credentials in Madbuild (for Command Line Publishing)

  • Add user names and passwords
  • Put credentials directly in madbuild command or in a JSON file
  • Lets you override the credentials in your registry

Upcoming Deprecated Features

  • List of features that will be deprecated
  • Recommended replacements for deprecated features