Step 4: Developing Targets

It is easy to confuse output types with targets, but they are two different (although related) concepts. A target is one instance of an output type. It is the engine that takes all of your files and settings, and brings them together to produce the end result. When you build your final output, you are essentially building one or more of the targets in your project.

Developing a target means to create it, and then give it the instructions necessary to produce the desired results.

When you create a new project using one of Flare's factory templates, one or more new targets are added to your project. However, just because you are provided with one or more targets initially, this does not mean that you are limited to just that target in your project. In Flare you can add targets using any of the available formats, and you can make as many copies of an existing target that you want. For example, your project might end up containing three targets that are all based on the HTML5 output type (in addition to other targets).

A target file has an .fltar extension and is stored in the Project Organizer under the Targets folder.

Note If you need to create print-based output from your Flare project, there are some additional tasks that are mandatory and several others that are optional. See Print-Based Output.