What's New?

Flare 2022 release notes can be found here.

Following are the new features available in Flare 2022.

Meta Tags

  • Search engine optimization
  • Content management
  • Set at multiple file levels
  • Integrate with micro content

Micro Content Enhancements

  • More containers for micro content (e.g., Knowledge, FAQs, Promotion)
  • More flexibility and control over micro content (e.g., meta tags)
  • More places to add micro content
  • More output formats can use micro content (via FAQ proxies)

Skin Enhancements

  • Redesign for easier navigation and editing
  • Additional controls and features for micro content
  • More skin components to support micro content

Copyright Metadata for PDF Output

  • New fields in PDF Options (Target Editor)
  • Provide copyright status, notice, and information URL

Document Properties in Word Output

  • New MS Word Options tab in Target Editor
  • Title, author, subject, and many other new fields

Source Control Enhancements

  • Disable providers
  • Add or edit ignore file for Git

Upcoming Deprecated Features

  • List of features that will be deprecated
  • Recommended replacements for deprecated features