What's New?

Flare 2022 r2 release notes can be found here.

Following are the new features available in Flare 2022 r2.

Single Sign-On for MadCap Central

  • Authentication method that lets users log in to multiple software systems with just one set of credentials
  • New UI to log in to MadCap Central via SSO

ID Attributes on Anchor Tags

  • Duplicates the value of name attributes as an ID on anchor tags (i.e., bookmarks)
  • Set in target (Advanced tab)
  • Current IDs not affected

Command Line Activation

  • Activate (or deactivate) Flare from the command line
  • Helpful for companies using imaged machines and not able to activate Flare from the user interface
  • Available only for customers with enterprise floating licenses

Upcoming Deprecated Features

  • List of features that will be deprecated
  • Recommended replacements for deprecated features