Micro Content Examples

There are seemingly countless use cases that might involve micro content, especially when coupled with meta tags. In this section, we will cover some examples that illustrate what you can accomplish with micro content. These examples deal only with adding micro content to search results or topic output, not field-level Help or other uses such as chatbots.

The micro content in these examples will be displayed via the available containers, depending on the circumstance:

  • Featured snippets

  • Knowledge Panel

  • FAQ proxy

  • Knowledge proxy

  • Promotion proxy

The choices made in each example rely on the main characteristics desired for each case:

  • Dynamic (i.e., uses search engine in output) or static (i.e., compiled at build time)

  • Displays in search results or topic content

  • Displays random results, best matches, or predetermined content

  • Filter 1: Pulls from all micro content files, only certain micro content files, or only micro content associated with certain meta tags

  • Filter 2: Uses all micro content phrases, the topic title, the search query, or only certain micro content phrases based on meta tag values

Note There are multiple options available, especially in the micro content proxies. We are not attempting to cover everything in these examples. For example, if you are curious about the "Custom Text" filter option from the proxies, we are not including it in these examples, but you can work through the Micro Content Tutorial—Advanced to see it in action.

Note The actual content isn't the most important aspect in these examples, because micro content can contain whatever you want it to. For ideas, see Possible Use Cases for Micro Content Containers.

Note These examples sometimes include the use of meta tags. So it's a good idea to learn the basics of meta tags and how they work. For ideas on how to implement meta tags on their own, see Meta Tag Examples.

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