Options Dialog

This dialog lets you choose miscellaneous global settings.

The options you see on this tab depend on whether your project is already bound to source control.

Not all options are applicable to each of Lingo's integrated source control providers. If you select an option that is not applicable to the provider you are using, this option is ignored. For example, Git does not use lock functionality, so if you select this option it will be ignored.

Additionally, terminology varies for each source control provider. You may see slightly different dialogs or prompts depending on which source control provider you are using.



Automatically check file out from source control when saving file changes

Select this check box to automatically check the file out from source control when you save changes to it.

Lock files when automatically checking out

You can select this check box if you are using Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Apache Subversion, or Perforce and want files that are automatically checked out to be locked as well. Locking files means that other users cannot check those same files in when you have them checked out. You might use this feature to prevent conflicting changes from occurring and having to merge files as a result.

Enable background status checks

Select this check box if you are using source control integration in Lingo and you want the application to check for frequent status changes automatically. You can specify the number of minutes and seconds when you want Lingo to ping the source control repository and get status changes for files that have been checked out, checked in, moved, deleted, etc. The upside of this feature is that you can ensure that the source control status information is always up to date. The downside is that you may experience slower performance due to this constant communication over the network. See Enabling Source Control Status Checks.

Do not prompt to get latest when opening source control bound projects

When you open a project that is bound to source control, a message automatically asks if you want to get the latest version of files. Select this check box if you want to disable this prompt. Therefore, in the future when you open the project you will no longer see the message, and the project will open without replacing any local files with the latest ones from source control. See Disabling the Get Latest Prompt.

Prompt to check in files when closing source control bound projects

Select this if you want to automatically be reminded to check in files when you close a project that is bound to source control.

Enforce TFS comment policy

By default, Lingo ignores all Microsoft Team Foundation Server check-in policies. However, if your source control administrator requires a comment when you check in a file, you can select this option to force Lingo to abide by this policy.

Bind Detection

This functionality scans your project when you load it to see if the project has been previously bound to source control. If a binding is detected, you then have the option of applying the binding and committing the project to source control. Depending on the provider you are using, Lingo may search the file system and its artifacts, and contact and query servers, to find potential source control bindings.