Translation Editor

This editor is used to translate files and use suggestions from a translation memory (TM) database and/or a machine translation (MT) service. See Translating Files.

Text from left-to-right (LTR) languages is aligned left, and columns holding right-to-left (RTL) text is aligned right, allowing you to type in the correct direction.

For certain types of files (e.g., Microsoft Word documents; PowerPoint files; Flare topics, snippets, master pages) the Translation Editor allows you to work in Translation (or grid) mode and open Live Preview mode as well. When you want to translate text, you use the Translation mode, which displays source text segments in a column on the left and target text segments in a column on the right. When you want to view your translations in their intended context (in complete paragraphs, with formatting, etc.), you can click a button in the local toolbar to switch to Live Preview mode, where you can continue to translate text in the left pane and while looking at a preview of your changes in the right pane.