Important Please note that some languages contain multiple dialects. Projects and TM databases must be mapped with the same language designations in order to be used together.

Important If you are using source control, do not include your local termbase (.litdb3) and translation memory (.db) files in your project folder. These files do not function correctly when used with source control, and can cause conflicts. Instead, you should use a server termbase or translation memory. This will allow other users to have access to the terms in the database while avoiding possible conficts.

Note When would you use a termbase, and when would you use TM? The two are related, but not the same thing. TM is used for quickly applying previously translated segments. Termbases are really an extra tool for making sure you are using the correct term in a translation (i.e., context). That's why termbases let you provide additional info about each term. Also, TM is necessary in order to use a termbase and apply its suggestions, but a termbase is not necessary in order to use TM.