Get Started

Almost every task that you perform in Mimic falls under one of the following basic steps:

  1. (Optional) Create a Movie Collection Follow this step if you want to create a collection of related movies. If you want to create a standalone movie, you can skip this step. See Creating a Movie Collection.
  2. Create a Movie This can be done by recording your actions on screen, creating a movie with a blank frame, basing a new movie on a still image that you capture, creating a movie from a media file, or importing a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. See Recording Movies, Creating Blank Movies, Creating Movies From Media Files, Creating Movies From Screen Captures, and Importing PowerPoint Presentations.
  3. Edit a Movie This includes tasks such as adding shapes, buttons, text, actions, effects, and audio. See Editing a Movie.
  4. Build Movie Output You can generate output using HTML5 and Adobe PDF. See Movie Output Formats and Building Movie Output Using the Interface.
  5. Distribute Output Let end users access your movie output. This includes a feature for automatically publishing (i.e., copying) output files to a location you choose, as well as the option of uploading videos to YouTube or Vimeo. See Distributing Output.