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About Spell Check

You can use spell checking features for the text in your movies. These features include the following.

  • Spell Check Movies This feature lets you open the Spell Check window pane and perform spell checking for the current movie or an entire collection. You can also spell check keyframes and action objects. As questionable words are identified, you can select an alternative spelling, ignore the spelling warning, and add words to the dictionary so that future occurrences are not flagged as possible misspellings. See Spell Checking Movies.
  • Editing Custom Dictionaries This feature lets you modify the words that you have added to a custom dictionary. You can add words to a custom dictionary when you spell check movies and click the "Add to Dictionary" button for highlighted words. A separate dictionary is created for each language used in your collection. See Editing Dictionaries.
  • Adding Words to the Ignore Spell Check List (Collections only) This feature lets you add words to the Ignored Words Editor (which can be opened from the Tools ribbon). This means that if other occurrences of the word are found in any other files in future sessions, they will not be flagged as questionable spellings. This is similar to adding words to a dictionary. The difference is that this feature simply ignores questionable spellings of certain words, whereas a dictionary also lists spellings as suggestions. See Adding Words to the Ignore Spell Check List.